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    Top things to do in 2 weeks in Alaska

    Anchorage visit city + waterfalls hike + salmon handling Matanuska Glacier Valdez (glacier + check for Bears) Wrangell St. Elias (Hike Root Glacier + Hike Jumbo Mines + Plane tour + Mackenzie and Kennicott) Drive through Denali highway (carefully very bumpy) Anchorage + hikes on the way Seward (Boot tour Kenai fjords + hike Harding Icefield Homer Seldovia low tides by boat Katmai National park (Bear waterfalls) Rusian river Anchorage  

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    Top things to do in 3 weeks in Hawaii

    Kauai (4 days – 7.7 to 11.7) https://goo.gl/maps/ytE4LeT7m6YAaF6g9 Na Pali Coast State Park ·· (https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dsp/parks/kauai/napali-coast-state-wilderness-park/) By boat or plane North Shore’s Caves Kalalau Trail (11 miles. Starts in Ha’ena State Park and finishes in Kalalau Valley – 2-3days for the whole tour, you can do part of it) Koke’e State Park (Booked out) Kalalau Lookout – Views of the Napali Coast Puu o Kila Lookout Spouting Horn Blowhole Waimea Canyon – Grand Canyon of the Pacific (https://www.gohawaii.com/islands/kauai/regions/west-side/waimea-canyon) Fern Grotto Captain Cook’s Landing Fort Elizabeth State Park Holo Holo Ku Heaiu (sacred) Botanical Gardens Princeville Botanical Gardens · Allerton Garden ·· Limahuli Garde · Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens ·· Beach…

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    Transport in China

    China has 9.597 million km2 and not all of it is properly interconnected. In recent years China has been updating its public transport network. However, most of the time, the rural areas are left apart from efficient connections as the focus of improvement concentrates in the touristic and more economically developed cities. Transportation in China is wide and varied. The main transportation is rail where the focus on improvement has been concentrated during the last years. You can find from very old, high polluting steam-hauled coal trains to more environmentally friendly alternatives like the high-speed maglev (magnetic levitation). Notice that China has the 1st worldwide commercial high-speed magnetic levitation train.…

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    8 Tips how to communicate with locals

    In the globalized world that we are living in, every time we are trying more and more to scape the tourist hubs. Finding a genuine traditional place where the amount of visitors didn’t change the rituals and the way of living of the local community. Sounds familiar? I’m pretty sure you also experienced in the so called ‘out of the beaten path destinations’, that people are not able to speak English or the level is very basic. I’m sure people already recommended you to learn the basics vocabulary. Great idea! It’s a very good way to start a conversation. Say “Good morning!” in the local language and you will automatically…

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    Coronavirus – Cancel you trip and get your money back

    On December 31st of 2019 the first reported cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in Wuhan, China. Currently is considered a pandemic and it’s affecting the freedom of movement of people worldwide. An epidemic is when there is an increase of cases of a disease over the expected. A pandemic is when an epidemic spread to several countries, continents or worldwide. [Update 16.03.2020] You can find a study on the evolution and the cost of not acting ASAP here: Coronavirus act today or people will die How did it start? It’s not clear how it happened. There are several theories but none of them has been proven. The first reports indicat that…

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    Chinese holidays

    We recommend you avoid traveling to China during their holidays as the vast majority of people travel domestically. The trains and buses will be crowded and it will be nearly impossible to buy the tickets you want.   New Year’s Day: 1st of January Chinese New Year aka Spring Festival: 25th January 2020. Usually happens between the last week of January and the 2nd week of February. Qingming Festival aka Tomb Sweeping: 4th of April Labor Day aka May Day: 1st of May Dragon Boat Festival: 25th June 2020. Depending on the year the date will change. Usually, it’s in June. Mid-Autumn Festival: 1st October 2020. Every year will be…